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Speedball II
One year ago we launched the Speedball and we promised a new product in a new category. Judging by the number of happy Speedball owners there are out there - we delivered! Fast forward to the present and we’re proud to present the natural progression. For 2014 we’ve moved to a more progressive winger-ed outline and added, a sure to be popular, W20 size.
Introducing wingers into the outline has allowed us to maintain the lengths from last years model and yet decrease the outline curve between the feet giving a more balanced edge grip and faster upwind drive, yet at the same time maintaining the carving and glide this board has become famous for.
The Speedball excels as a twin tips in the waves and works un-paralleled as a one board solution for larger riders - anywhere, any time and anyhow, don’t judge it till you’ve tried it.




W16, W18 and W20




Why the Wingers?
Often used in surfboard design but relatively new in twin tips the winger serves to reduce the tail width quickly yet without introducing too much curve into the outline.
In the case of the Speedball 14 we wanted to improve the edge grip and upwind ability through straightening the outline between the feet yet maintain the super short length and relatively narrow tip and tail that made this board feel both so small for its size and be so much fun to ride in waves. The wingers let us achieve all of this, especially in the case of the new W20, shaping a board of this width and length in a traditional manner simply produces too much curve in the outline leading to a narrow usable stance on the board.
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Speedball 14 v Speedball 13
Speedball 14                                                                                     Speedball 13
One Length for all widths                                                              One Length for all widths
New W20 XL size                                                                              W16 and W18 sizes only
Better rail grip due to wingered outline                                     Less good edging due to rail curve
Amazing performance in waves                                                   Good performance in waves
Fantastic for XL riders                                                                     Good for XL riders