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Monk Forever

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Sticking to our principle of "if it ain't broke don't try 'n fix it" we introduce the 2014 Monk Forever. Shamelessly similar to the 2013 version but when Kiteworld magazine testers described it as "just the ultimate weapon" can you blame us? 
Narrow tips combined with a straighter exit 3rd in the outline work together to provide masses of grip and edging ability which when combined with our constant curve rocker and bi-lateral tip flex make this the fastest, most controllable and easiest to handle board on the market no matter how tough the conditions. If high speed charging, slashing and jumping is your thing then look no further.
°Squoval Mould 
 °Constant Curve Rocker
°Progressive concave
°Full wood core
°Made in Europe
°2 year warranty
°Sneaker X 14 connection system
°A lighter tech

128 x 39

130 x 40

132 x 41

134 x 42

136 x 44

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